SIO Jabalpur organised Shiksha Samvad at Jabalpur.

Resource Person – Mr. Naseer Khan, Educationist, Jabalpur

Important points of the discussion-

As of today our teaching technique is only lectures, this is a pathetic method and good teaching should have only 50% lectures and remaining 50% should be covered through semesters, assignment and other interactive techniques.

We mainly teach information in our higher education institution, where as other three stages of concept is learning, analytical learning and creative learning are absent. We did not teach information it is only matter of studying not understanding. We should begin teaching by clarifying concept through creative learning. Every student achieving a master’s degree should develop some creativity on their own so that he/she can solve problems.
The technique of remembering and MCQ has to reduce the level of 50% and applying concepts and techniques requiring logical solutions should be incorporated in remaining 50%.