Resource Person – Prof. Vidyut Joshi, former Vice Chancellor, Bhavnagar University

Students Islamic Organization of India had organized a program “Shiksha Samvad” to discuss on the new education policy to be framed by central government at SIO Gujarat Suffa hall, Ahmadabad.
• Initially he gave one word on New Education policy is that “Sarv Samaveshak”.
• Need to address specific in Gujarat state has 18000 villages and 14000 Govt. schools with quality education and also need to address by Govt. what type of human should be produced.

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• He indicates four pillars of education:
1. To know
2. To Do
3. To be
4. To live with others

• Primary Education
o Each and every student goes to school from village to city in all country.
o Religious leaders have to promote school education.
o To build educational NGO’s otherwise diversified is create space in society

• Secondary Education
o Attitude measurement test should be implementing.
o This stage is most neglected in previous policy.
o This section should be build with value based and quality based education because this stage of students have to understand the what is right and wrong
• Higher Education
o Higher education should categorize by three points
 To generate
 To impart
 To implement

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o Need to insert research policy in higher education policy.
o Sound research policy to generate good research work with scholarship.
o Clarifying every concept of teaching in education.
o Analytical teaching.
o Need to develop creativity
o Extension: it means to work after completing education.
o Need to think scientifically not emotionally to resolve issues in education policy