Our Government is responsible for providing free and qualitative education for every child up to Class VIII. But government schools suffer from corruption and malpractices. The infrastructure and system of education is not serving students properly. These views were expressed by Rajiv Kumar, an educationist who runs an NGO Pardarshita while addressing a meeting on ‘Shiksha Samvad’ organised by

Students Islamic Organisation of India at its headquarters in New Delhi on 16 May.

Talking on the condition of Right to Education in Delhi, the learned speaker said that despite RTE which guarantees free education, government schools were charging fee from pupils under different heads.

“We wrote to the National Commissions for Protection of Child Rights, against it. NCPCR did nothing in this regard. Finally we moved the court and won the case. The court ordered the government that it should return the entire fee charged so far to the students,” said Kumar.

On the faulty system of education in Delhi, he said the overall situation of education is very bad. First of all, seeking admission in a government school is a path-breaking task. “Seeking admission in an MCD school is somewhat easy but in a Delhi government school, it is very tough. They practise dillydallying. If a child could not get education or drops out because of any reason, he can get admission in any class according to his age. It is the duty of the government to get him admitted in any class as per his age and make him capable of studying for that class through bridge course,” he said.

The number of migrant workers living in Delhi has increased. Practically, one who has no residential proof is not allowed to seek admission for his child. The rule however says that if one has no resident proof, nevertheless he has right to get admission. The rule also has to say that if one has not date of birth certificate, the parents can write his date of birth on a plain paper as an affidavit and that will be valid. But the ground reality is quite opposite.

Yet another point is that despite the availability of seats in Delhi government schools, they don’t take admission in one to fifth classes. They advise the parents to go to MCD schools. The learned speaker also said that for the last many years, a number of schools have been closed. But not a single new school has been opened as is required by the law.

On the condition of schools in rich and poor areas, Mr. Kumar said in posh areas infrastructure and teachers are available but these schools lack students, for people there do not send their wards to government schools. The condition of government schools in poor areas is very pathetic. These schools lack proper infrastructure, ventilation and sanitation. Even drinking water is not available there.


Waquar Hasan for Shiksha Samvad