Know Islam Campaign Begin

by | Sep 17, 2020

New Delhi: No one can deny the truth that Islam is very much in the spotlight today across the world with extreme negative portrayals by media, Hate Speech, misguiding people for political benefits, however, there does remain a great deal of misconceptions and misunderstanding on the subject of Islam.

In spite of all, increasing numbers of people are seeking to find out more about Islam. And more often than not, they are being pleasantly surprised by knowing the fact that what truly Islam is and how it is portrayed.

During lockdown the way Tablighi Jamaat was targeted and blamed for spreading coronavirus and the media propaganda against them was the worst example of Islamophobia now proven false, many false claims and accusations being spread against the way of life of a Muslim.

Islam is the way of life of Muslims and it teaches all are essentially equal, no distinction should be made on the basis of colour, class, region or personal beliefs as long as they remain peaceful and law-abiding citizens.

Feeling the responsibility to clear misconception of fellow citizens and guide the Muslims for misrepresention of Islam specially students and youth, SIO planned ‘Know Islam’ Campaign from 15th -30th Sep 2020 across the country.


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