“Education is our basic right and without quality education, we can’t imagine a better society. There is no scope of higher studies in Bihar. Lack of infrastructure, trained teaching faculty etc are some of the many major problems students are facing in Bihar. Future of the students seems to be in darkness. Who is responsible for all these problems? Its none other than Bihar Govt.”.  These were the words said by Br. Md. Asghar Zonal Secretary, SIO Bihar, during the protest rally organized by SIO Bihar .

This protest march was organized against the Problems in Higher education in Bihar. The rally started from Science College to Kargil chowk via Patna university, Patna College and B.N. College.

Br. Asghar further added about the problems of privatization of education. The situation of govt. universities is in worst condition while the private institutes are growing vastly. The Govt. of Bihar has not only alotted lands but also multistory building to the private institutions, while Govt. institutes facing campus issues like Maulana Mazharul Haque Urdu Farsi University having 120 KRC (Knowledge Resource Centers) with more than 16000 students enrolled in the university, has not been allotted any piece of land.

Due to these problems, students either migrate from Bihar to other states or discontinue their studies. SIO demands to state government to resolve these issues as soon as possible in the best interests of students. Huge number of students participated in this Rally.