Our struggle for justice shall continue : SIO

by | Sep 30, 2020

New Delhi: The CBI courts acquittal of all accused in the Babri Masjid demolition case is the final stamp of official legitimacy given to the barbaric and criminal act. The court seems to have abandoned even the pretense of being fair and unbiased. This decision is a crushing blow to the confidence high esteem in which people generally hold the entire judicial system.

It is regrettable to say, but we are not at all surprised by the CBI Court decision today. When the highest court in the land calls the demolition of the Masjid an act of gravest injustice and still rewards the perpetrators of the act by accepting their demands, it is no surprise to see a subordinate Court finding that apparently no one demolished the Masjid at all.

the whole world has seen and knows that LK Advani and his gang not only destroyed the Babri Masjid but also built an entire politics of hatred bigotry around it. The political ascendancy of Hindutva forces in India is a direct consequence of this organised hate and bigotry.

Those who are enjoying power and impunity today should remember that a system built on so much hatred and injustice is always the biggest threat to itself. it does not know when to stop hating and only creates new enemies everyday to justify its own survival.

Those who demolished the Babri Masjid and drenched this country in a river of blood may have been acquitted today but the whole world knows what they did. There is a Higher power that holds the ultimate scales of justice and it is only in that power that we repose our faith as we continue our struggle for justice by all lawful and legitimate means.


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