National Quran Campaign: Webpage and DVD Launched

by | May 8, 2011

New Delhi (May 01, 2011): Website especially designed for the Quran and a DVD were inaugurated by the National President here in Head Quarter at the National HRD workshop.

“Masha Allah it’s a great move, we are first time thinking out of the box as far as Web activities are concerned  and SIO website is now seeing a great change” said National President.

It should be noted that this is totally a parallel website linked to SIO official website as a webpage.

A lot of innovative projects are in pipeline like “Students World, Canteen and Junior wing” informed National President.

Tremendous response has been achieved post launch of this website and later released for public viewing on 6th May.

“It’s a continuously improving site and inshaAllah in near future you will see great changes. Analytics report shows nearly 189 visits per day, while visits for SIO website is average 223 per day” informed webmaster.

With High zeal and enthusiasm National campaign for Quran “Hold fast to the Quran” has been launched in every nook and corner of India and InshaAllah this website will be a great asset for the same”  opined National Secretary Br. sheikh Shoeb.

Report compiled by collection of views over telephone, sms and email.



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