New Delhi : Labeed Shafi (President SIO of India) commended all individuals, groups and organisations who had come together in Delhi today before the Egyptian embassy to protest against the killing of President Morsi by an illegitimate regime. He said that the people of India have shown their solidarity with the pro-democracy forces in Egypt.

He also said that the hundreds of funeral prayers held for him across India and the whole world testified to the fact that Morsi was not the leader of any one faction. Instead, he represented the hopes and ideals of all freedom-loving people who want to see a strong and representative leadership in the Islamic world.

Egypt’s first and only democratically elected president, Mohammad Morsi, collapsed and died during a court appearance in Cairo on 17th June 2019. Ever since his death, human rights groups have raised questions regarding the manner of his death. Citing evidence of the appalling conditions under which he was imprisoned for the last six years – including almost continuous solitary confinement, systematic medical negligence and torture – rights groups and international bodies have refused to accept that President Morsi died of natural causes. The United Nations has called for a “thorough and transparent” investigation into his death, encompassing not only the death itself but encompassing all aspects of his six year long incarceration.

Labeed Shafi said that Egypt’s military regime must be held to account for the illegitimate incarceration, custodial torture and death of Egypt’s democratically elected President Mohammed Morsi.

He added that “President Morsi was a true leader, he represented hopes for a free, strong and representative leadership of the Islamic world. The innumerable funeral prayers held for him all across Egypt and the world, is testament to the popularity and moral standing of President Morsi. His martyrdom will strengthen the resolve of all freedom-loving people in the Islamic world. May Allah accept his sacrifices.”

Media Department, SIO of India
Syed Ahmed Ali (National Secretary, SIO of India)
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