New Delhi: The recent terror attacks on two mosques in New Zealand earlier on Friday that has claimed 49 lives so far, including those of women and children, has shocked the world. Reacting to the incident, Labeed Shafi, National President SIO of India, said it is appalling and a disgrace for humanity at large.

Calling for swift investigation and bringing the perpetuators to justice, Shafi said that such attacks are symptomatic of rising Islamophobia. Noting that such attacks have been on sharp rise across the globe recently, Shafi said xenophobia and lack of knowledge and understanding are usually behind such hatred and prejudice.

Shafi also called the role of media is perpetuating Islamophobia. A 2017 study of 16,000 New Zealanders by the University of Otago found that negative and incorrect portrayal by the media has increased negative perception of Muslims in the population. He called for immediate measures globally to regulate the media against spewing xenophobia and specific targeting of particular communities.

Noting that the attacker had professed hatred for the immigrants, Shafi rued that specific targetting of immigrants by governments has become a trend globally. Governments tend to pin blame on immigrants for their underperformace or scapegoat them for mishandling of economy, Shafi said. In the era where the world has become a global village, Shafi demanded that this should stop immediately and we should be more inclusive of everyone and be appreciative of each other’s contribution in the plural world.
Dept. of Media, SIO of India.

Department of Media,
SIO of India.
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