International conference on” Communal Harmony and Nation Building” held in BHUDay one: International conference on” Communal Harmony and Nation Building”
organized jointly by Banaras Hindu University and student Islamic organisation of India.

The program was started with inaugural words of Prof. Kaushal Kumar Mishra head dept of political science Banaras Hindu University. He stated the conference as historic event organised by BHU & SIO both and will send a positive message to whole nation, he also mentioned that responsibility of academia is not only to work in campus but they are equal responsible towards societal issues and should actively play their role in peace building. Souvenir of conference released.

The session continued with Shri Vishwesha Theertha Swamy from Pejawar mutt, Udupi who strongly condemn the controversial issue of ghar wapsi and said that there cannot be compulsion  and force on any one to follow any faith and believe.

On this occasion Shri. Ram Shankar Kathariya (Honorable Union Minister of State, HRD ) Said that we have to follow message of Vivekananda, that untidily all communities of nation should move together for prosperity of nation, admitting that in international university rankings , it is very difficult to find single Indian institution in the list, He quoted a statistics of 30 to 32 crores people in nation are those who do not have two time food to eat and a slipper to wear. Speaking on religious values he said , religion promotes humanity but not hatred. He said that today poor children in mid day meals schools, comes with plates instead of books which we need to change. Concluding his speech , he gave a message to fight against poverty, exploitation, and communalization and was hopeful about this conference.He congratulated both the organizers SIO and BHU.

Swamy Sarasvanand Saraswathy praised Kashi hindu vishwavidyale on hosting the event with Students slamic Organisation of India (SI0) and said that there is no hatred in any religion but often it is misinterpreted which causes hatred. He also said that the program is conducted in constituency of Shri Narendra Modi (Honorable PM-Republic of INDIA) and he wish Modi ji could attend the event, adding further he said I want to give only one message on this occasion  at” Ganga ke pavan tat par” that is promote the culture of Muskaan (smile) and love, further he said that muskan is much beneficial than yoga and urged to promote it not only in India but across the world.

Rev. Father Dr Thomas on this occasion said that being a alumni of BHU it is a great honor for me to come in such a wonderful international conference, remembering his student life here, he said that with dress, colour, food and lifestyle we were unable to differentiate religious communities, there were muslims, siks, hindu and christen with altogether love and respect to all. But this is now changed. Finally he asked the audiences to be such human being who will be like flowing water in ocean which is pure and can easily reach the thirsty

Renowned Islamic scholar, Dr. Enayath Ullah Subhani said that we have not succeeded in the slogan of vikas and Ekta though we speak about it right from independence, it is because our politicians, that they preach something what they do not practice. Highlighting the poverty, hatred, unhappiness and others issues of nation he said that what the meaning of development is without addressing these issues. Presenting the holistic view of Islam he said that it came to resolve above said issues and take us towards real development, he also said that Islam is not religion of some people or community but it came for the whole humanity, and today Muslims is having great responsibility of presenting Islam in its true form. He also said that human being may develop beyond aircraft technology and start floating in water and air with supersonic speed but cannot become human unless he follow the law of Almighty. Highlighting Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) struggle he said that Prophet (p.b.u.h) fought for the independence of humanity from curse of hatred, unlawful killing, poverty, injustice, illiteracy and taught them the lesson of love, justice and eternal Peace. Finally he added that it is very difficult to uphold communal harmony if the misunderstanding among communities have not been cleared, and surely this kind of dialogue will help to accomplish it.

On this occasion National president SIO of India Mr. Iqbal Hussain said that SIO from its inception always tries to bridge the gap among different communities of India and this event is one of its Kind. He also said that SIO of India will in future also strive to do such kind of events across the nation and will also welcome the initiatives of conducting these kinds of national and international conferences under the leadership of other communities, said laeeq ahmed national secretary SIO of India in a statement.

International conference on” Communal Harmony and Nation Building” held in BHUDay Two : International conference on” Communal Harmony and Nation Building”
organized jointly by Banaras Hindu University and student Islamic organisation of India.

The program started with welcome address of General Secretary of SIO India Alif Shakoor. He thanked all the research scholars who contributed with their papers in the international conference from across the world. He also appreciated the organizers’ of SIO and BHU for hosting this conference and making it a great success.

Uttar Pradesh MLA Shri Lakshmikanth Bhajpi expressed that this conference will overcome the problem of today’s Bharat. He said: Bharat is desh of all. and here bhagwan did not differentiate the water, air, light, and other natural resources for Muslims and Hindus. It is same for all. Bharat is formed by the vision of 18th century Bahadurshah Zafar, Nana Sahib Peshwa, Azeemullah Khan and Rangobapuji Gupth who at that time planned for Freedom of India from Britishers. But at the same time we cannot forget the sacrifice of Chandreshaker Azad, Raj Guru, Sukh Dev, Ashfaq Ullah Khan, Ram Prasad Bismil, Liyakhat Ali and others at this movement. And all these were Hindustani. And he said “un shahido ke bharat ka nirman karne me aaj ham se kahin chook ho rahi hai”, quotinga verse of poetry “Mazhab nahi sikhata aapas me baer rakhna”.He said that Britishers has divided us and worked on phenomenon of divide and rule.

Emphasizing the policies of government, he added that whichever the government is in power need to make the policies for people to benefit from. He said no nation can be developed in polarizations and hatred communalization and there cannot be any vikas with this. Stating that terrorism does not have any religion but it is by people who work for hatred and indulgeinhumane activities are terrorists.

“I take this event as positive and it is a fact that politics is going on socio religious affairs and at that time this kind of event will surely bring some hope,” Bhajpai added. Appreciating literacy in Kerala, he admitted that Kerala is safe and could not be exploited by hate politics because they are educated. Finally he appreciated the SIO and BHU for conducting a wonderful academic conference and sending a message of communal harmony and nation building across the nation and the world.

The program continued with talk of Iqbal Mulla, National Secretary of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, by praising God Almighty who is creator and sustainer of whole humanity. He said:“This program is to develop new generation of India and will send the new trend of communal harmony across the nation. Many researchers and professors presented papers hear were with genuine efforts to spread this message and I appreciate them for this. Brothers and sisters we need to remove the obstacles’ among us and it is the responsibility of all people of Bharat. Big problem hear is not the violence among communities but it is the mind set of hatred working behind that, and it is very great danger for integrity of this nation”.

Instead of living with harmony and love many will promote hatred for their personal gains, quoting statement of Quran he said that Allah has made you in tribes and communities for identifications but not hatred. Prophet Mohammed (p.b.u.h)spread the message of peace. Bharat is of all bharat-wasi and here no one is owner and tenet. Hearted speeches and statements will promote communalization and will divide akhandta of Bharat. Quoting the sayings of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) “Helps your brother if he is a culprit or victim”, he said companions of Prophet asked him that helping victim is understood but what is the meaning of helping culprit, then prophet replied that stop him from doing unlawful activity.

Iqbal Mulla ended his talk by giving a message of developing sense of accountability to all citizens and he said we are accountable on Day of Judgment for every deed we do here.

Shri Paramjeet sahib from Gurudwara Bangle Sahib, New Delhi had questioned that who are these people who promote hatred and make violence when every religion speaks of love and harmony. He was very much worried that when we eat the food cultivated on same land, breathe in same air and drink the water of same rivers then why Hindu-Muslim, Hindu-Sikh riots takes place. And he also said that Guru Nanak had taught lesson of service and we did that in floods of Uttarakhand and Kashmir where maximum victims were Hindus and Muslims. Finally, he said that when political parties can have consultation and run the nation with some uniform policies then why religious leaders cannot come to uniform program with common minimum goals and why we all cannot be united on this, why to be exploited always by politicians.

Mr. Iqbal Husain, National President Student Islamic Organization of India, congratulated BHU and SIO and thanked the organizers for their efforts made. He said that this conference is an initiative and just a beginning of promoting communal harmony and will try to restore the history and great civilization of India of communal harmony which is lost now.

He said: Friends, Almighty has created human beings as best creature in universe and gifted them with reason & mind, and without this there is no difference in human and animals. Advancement and development in the world is because of human mind, and destruction and downfall is also due to human mind. It is important that how human being uses it. And here he needs a supreme guidance for its proper orientation where he need to turn towards the creator. In this century after huge advancement and modernization now human being is realizing that he needs some supreme guidance to attain peace and happiness and this century will be the century of creator. Beyond the discussion on presenting the teachings in religion we should try to understand each other. We should not come to conclusion on everything is right, rather search for truth and real harmony with open mindedness. Let us have discussion and dialogue and come for some common causes not only in academia but physically we should come for joint struggle. Never we should impose our faith and believe on others unless he accepts by understanding and his own will. Finally, he said that unless our education is set on values of common goals we cannot spread communal harmony in the nation. said laeeq ahmed National Secretary SIO of INDIA in a Statement.