Fashion Show withdrawn | SIO Mumbra Success story

by | Dec 8, 2011

Mumbai ( 7.12.2011) – SIO successfully  managed to force the College management of D .R.T.A.E Kalsekar college in Mumbra (Mumbai) to cancel Inter school vulgar traditional show of girls and boys.  

Post cancellation a fierce group of students also did misconduct with SIO associates involved in cancellation of such show. Reported by local SIO president that they were beaten in the class.

Some of the students of  Kalsekar college Mumbra  were participating for inter college traditional show/fashion show in which girls walk on the ramp showing different fashion dress etc . Organized by NKT college of Thane.
Taking this seriously with the sense that this show promotes promiscuity and vulgarity some of the students (including SIO associate) stood against and wrote a letter to the principal and chair person on containing  signatures of all those who supported the cause.  

Upon which principal agreed and cancelled the show and also cancelled their sports and picnic showing disagreement. “our students are very Islamic so it is batter to cancel all other activities.” said Principal.

This caused uneasiness amongst the students participating in the show leading to misbehavior.
Gradually condition even got violent.  SIO associates were beaten by a group of students in the classroom.

Knowing this incident SIO Mumbra members and associates gathered at the spot and conducted peaceful protest against what had happened. SIO members went to meet the principal. Initially principal refused to meet. But after some time she agreed to discuss the matter.

“We felt very sad to hear what has happened in D.R.T.A.E campus SIO member Abdus Salam said. The principal later promised to call the parents of all the students who were involved in this incident.

SIO Mumbra demanded those students who had been beaten by their college mates shall apologize infront of all. If this is not done SIO Mumbra will take up this issue to the higher management of the college.


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