New Delhi: SIO strongly condemn police brutality against the spontaneous and democratic uprising of all people against the government’s attack on equal citizenship. The extrajudicial killing of Citizens as well as resorting to force against protesters in other parts of the country, must be condemned by all in one voice and the police must be held accountable.

To counter the protests against unconstitutional laws, the government has no answer but to resort to brutal and disproportionate use of force against democratic protesters. The reprehensible attack of police again in Jamia is the clearest evidence that the government has no answer to the questions of students.

Jamia Coordination Committee (JCC) gave a call of Parliament March in which Hundreds of students, which was stopped by Police near the Holy Family Hospital, and then by targeting students rushed one by one in to the police buses and brutally beaten up, stomped on, and harassed with communal slurs without looking of age and gender. Many of the students were injured badly, girls were beaten on their private parts for which they were admitted in the ICU of nearest hospitals.

T Arif Ali Sahab (Secretary General, JIH) along with ET Basheer Sahab (Member of Parliament) and Br Syed Azharuddin (General Secretary, SIO of India) visited Hospital to meet injured students of JMI.

SIO urged ET Basheer (Member of Parliament) to raise the question on police brutality for which he assured to raise it in zero hour.