Entrepreneurship Summit 2018

8th April 2018 | Goregaon, Mumbai

As a part of SIO’s Policy “SIO shall promote Entrepreneurship among its cadres and community”, SIO South Maharashtra had organised a one day Workshop at St. Pius Campus, Goregaon, Mumbai on 8th April 2018. The auditorium was packed with 80 registered students from different cities of Maharshtra.

Session 1 started on its scheduled time 10 AM with the verses of Quran followed by briefings about the Summit by Zonal Secretary, Mr Raafid Shahab.

Mohd Shihab Khan (IIT Bombay) discussed economic backwardness of Muslims in India through PowerPoint presentation.

Mr. Abdus Salam (Director, Rifah Chamber of Commerce and Industry) spoke on Institutions Supporting Small Scale Enterprises. In his presentation, he highlighted government schemes and programs to start small scale industries.

Mr. Abrar Ali Sayyed (Asst. Professor, IIM Ahmedabad) interacted with young entrepreneurs on Entrepreneurship: Idea to Practice. He gave many practical examples of start-up models and enlightened the important aspects needed for Entrepreneurship.

At the Post Lunch Session, Mr. Hamza Muazzam Ali (Successful Entrepreneur, Founder of Standard Touch E Solutions) delivered the presentation on start-ups related to digital world like Website, Blogs, Facebook, YouTube, Affiliate programs of Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

At the sharing experiences session, Success stories were shared by Mr. Mirza Afzal Baig sb (Founder of Lithotech Engineers) on how he started his production company from scratch and Mr. Humza Shaikh (Founder of HATH) on how he started his engineering project on Prosthetic Arm for disabled people and further development as start-up with help of IIM Bangalore.

Mr. Sunny Kumar (Regional Manager, eBay) informed in detail about how to sell products online and how to market them through eBay.

CA Sameer Shaikh gave a PowerPoint presentation on Taxation in India, with detailed interactions on GST, Import Export duties etc.

The Summit ended at 6 PM with the concluding words of Er. Taufeeq Aslam Khan sb (President, JIH Maharashtra and Chairman, Rifah Chamber of Commerce and Industry)SIO South Maharashtra