Divisional Tazkiyah Program by SIO Mumbai

Mumbai chapter of the Students Islamic Organisation of India organized a a one-day Tazkiya program on 16th June 2013 at Juhu Qabrastan Masjid. More than 45 members and selected associates from across Mumbai participated in the program.
Program started with a Dars-e-Quran by Jb Abdul Waheed, Manager at RST Pvt. Limited. He explained the importance of spending in the way of Allah. This was followed by a discussion on Present scenario covering local, national and international issues co-ordinated by Br. Firoz Patel. Among the panelists were Jb. Aslam Ghazi, PR secretary of Maharastra, Ab. Waheed sheikh, Ex-President of SIO Mumbai, Jb. Naushaad Usmani, Editor of Marathi newspaper Shodhan

This was followed by Jb Aslam Ghazi’s speech on, “Fascist forces in India”. He explained in detail how fascist powers work and how they damage our society.

Post lunch, Br. Ziyaul Islam, Asst. Webmaster of SIO spoke on the topic “Technology: where the world is going”. In his talk, he spoke about the importance of social networking websites and prospects for the organisation. Later, Janab Naushad Usmani spoke on the love for organisation.

The program concluded with Br.Ziyaul Islam’s concluding speech.