Detention of Jamia Students Unjust: SIO JMU

by | May 11, 2011

New Delhi (08 May 2011): Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) JMI Zone strongly condemns detention of students by Delhi Police. The Students had been in an indefinite hunger strike on shortage of attendance. They were demonstrating peacefully from Saturday onwards and a group of police and Jamia special guards were standing around them and creating despondent situation from that day itself. Sunday afternoon the police force came and tried to disperse the students, which led to clash and arrest of six students including girls.

President, SIO JMI Zone Ajmal V said, “SIO has declared its solidarity to these students, who have genuine reason to get admit card, because most of the students have more than 70% attendance and they have additional relaxation of 15% with medical certificate. But Jamia authority has been declining their medical certificate saying the same are fake, whereas some students allegedly got admit card. There is no accountability for attendance too. It proves the undemocratic rule of Jamia authority.”

SIO JMI demands Jamia should not allow arresting its students and it will create chaotic situation in campus. SIO demands all students to protest against this act of police as well as Jamia authority. SIO also demands immediate reconcile on this issue.


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