Students Islamic organization of India, Goa Zone organized a rally against addiction in Panjim from Campal to Miramar circle with the mission of De–Addicting Goa, the State President of SIO, Mohameed Anees demanded from the Government to make Goa “Alcohol free”.

Mohammed Anees was addressing the students from across Goa who backed the organization and rallied against addictive substances such as alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, drugs, pornography etc. Mohammed Anees reiterated that alcohol is the root cause of all the vices. He said, be it rapes, murders, thefts, assaults or any other crimes is done under the influence of alcohol and therefore should be banned in order to curve the crimes in society.

Mohammed Anees highlighted that around 1500 people die due to alcohol and equal number due to cigarettes every year in Goa. 40% of the total crimes are committed in the garb of alcoholism he emphasized. Suheb Naik, public relation Secretary, SIO Goa, informed that the rally is a part of the month long campaign on De-Addicting Goa organized by Jamaat – E – Islami Hind (JIH). He said that the motive is to sensitize Goans about the ill effects and evils of alcohol and other addictive substances. He expressed that the substances of death which are being sold legally should be banned in the benefit of the society.

Asif Hussaain, Secretary JIH Goa said that Islam prohibits alcohol in totality as the evil conseques are far more then the limited benefits that it could have. Alcohol, gambling, tobacco have ruined and devastated millions of families in India he added. He emphasized that the Government should amend the acts to benefits masses and transforms the society into a better one for the future generation.

Students and teachers from Colleges and Higher Secondary’s School from across the state participated the rally.