Ramzan kit distribution event at Aligarh

by | Jul 19, 2014

Today, SIO(Students Islamic Organization of India) organized a Ramzan kit distribution event at its office of UP West chapter, Aligarh with the collaboration of Human welfare foundation New Delhi (HWF). O where SIO distribute about 50 Ramzan kits to needy families. The Ramzan kit contain flour, sugar ,rice, cereals’, vegetable oil, and few other materials sufficient for a complete month to a family. It’s provided to the economically weak families.

The event started from recitation of The Holy Quran. Tanveer Ahmed regional coordinator Uttar Pradesh of HWF said that HWF is national level NGO. Who working with different-different 50 NGO’s in the field of education, health, natural disaster, poverty erosion, women empowerment, sheltering, civil rights and other since from last 10 years. Mohd kafeel faridi(zonal secratory of SIO UP West) pays vote of thanks. On this occasion Mujahid Islam, Abdul wadood, Sohaib idrees,muslim bari, junaid siddqui has been presented.

.Nazeerul Hasan khan(President SIO UP West) emphasized the importance of charity in Islam, During his inaugural words. He says that the prophet Mohammad(SAW) said that humanity is the family of Allah. On the day of judgment Allah will ask to riches people that I was hunger but you had not provided me food? I was thirsty but you didn’t provided me water? And I don’t have cloth but you didn’t provided me cloths. The rich man will say oh!! Allah how is it possible that you are hunger, thirsty or needy of cloths because you are master of heavens. The Allah will say that on that time my that guy was hungry, thirsty and cloth less but you didn’t provided him anything it means you didn’t provided me food. water or clothes. on remind of this quote of Prophet Mohammad(SAW) SIO & HWF developed these type of charities and social services program from the starting of their establishments.



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