SIO of India Strongly condemns the way few media houses are misleading common people by reporting fake information, which would yield to polarize communities and pay the way for communal disharmony in the nation, media is an important pillar of our democracy. Media groups ran the vilified campaign against JNU and HCU students and broadcast it in their prime time and investigative reports for hours and days together which were later proved to be false. But no investigation agencies and law enforcement missionaries’ neither questioned them, nor warn them for their unlawful activities. Media houses are creating a negative public opinion against the people who stand against their petty interest & they run the vilification campaign to tarnish people/institutional image and project them as a criminal and anti national.

It is unfortunate that a person who is clearly condemns the terrorism and ISIS, is forced to investigate by the Home Ministry just because of rigorous media trails. The televangelist, Zakir Naik who did not have any history of inspiring terrorists through his speeches and TV channel has now become a victim of Media dishonesty.

It is very illogical to assume that a terrorist who is involved in the Dhaka terror attack and killed 20 hostages was inspired by Zakir Naik, only because he likes Naik’s FB page which is having 14 million likes, makes naik responsible. It certainly does not mean that whatsoever these 14 Million do is all because of Naik.

The media did the same with JNU students few days back and framed them as anti-national. This vilification by the media was severely criticized at National and International level by Media fraternity.

SIO of India Strongly condemns the false-use of media networks by some media houses and people, to fulfill their sadist nature of greed and hatred towards others and urge the Press Council of India & broadcasting Ministry to intervene and put a check on these media group