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We will extend medical & legal support to the survivors : SIO President

Azmat from mewat, Hariyana. He was one of three who were with Pehlu khan in Rajasthan gau rakshaks attack. Today (13th April, 2017) He was at SIO of India National Headquarters accompanying his Father Sulaiman saheb, a madrassa teacher at Mathura, and his brother Amjad, who had lost his right leg following an accident three years before.

SIO of India will be looking into the medical and legal move in this incident as we assured them all kind of support for his treatment. Azmat while speaking to Br. Nahas Mala (President, SIO of India) said that his friend Arjun was sent free by gau rakshaks as he told them he is a hindu. Even thoguh they had owned proper jaipur nagar nigam papers for carrying cows, crowd began to lynch them as some of them were trying to get the diesel from vehicle to burn them alive.

He has lost his sight partially as they grabbed 35k from his pocket. Truck is now with police and the cows are seized by Gaurakshaks. Amjad, his brother says that Policemen had asked him 1 lakh to meet his brother and others and they snatched 5000 rupees which he had with him. Shockingly, a case is also filed against them accusing cow theft.


On 11th April, SIO delegation visited the residence of Pehlu Khan in Mewat, Haryana. The members expressed condolence and solidarity with the bereaved family. The delegation, which included the National Secretaries, Labeed Aliya, Abdul Wodud, Mohammad Rehan, Thouseef Madikeri, Haryana SIO President Mohd Aquib, also visited Ajmat Khan’s residence (Survivor of Cow Brigade attack) and commiserated with his family. SIO delegation said that they will extend medical & legal support to the survivors.


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