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SIO demands to reinstate student’s union elections in all universities & colleges of karnataka.

Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) Karnataka zone strongly
feels that educational campuses must have democratic atmosphere, so that students can
freely express and take up the problems & needs of the students, campuses and nation. To
solve Educational & Social problems of universities “student union elections” are need of

Universities of state of Karnataka are coming under news for rampant corruption
in them. Universities are supposed to create healthy society but they are losing this
character. One of the primary reasons for this maladministration and illegal gratification
is absence of active students union in universities. The government has banned the
students union election in view of the propaganda that students union election will effect
academic atmosphere of campuses and encourage absenteeism, is without base and
condemnable. SIO believes that students union election helps and facilitate in creating
and grooming the future leaders of our nation and to solve education problems. Not only
this, the most of active political leaders have come from student politics, which we all


The honourable supreme court has directed all universities to implement Lyngdoh
commission recommendation in its order on 22/09/2006, which speaks for conducting
student union election in all colleges and universities. To conduct students union
election, the Lyngdoh committee’s recommendation must be followed. Students union
election should be conducted through nomination paper. In this regard University Grants
Commision (UGC) on 16 August 2007 has sent Circular to all University to take
neccesary steps to ensure strict compliance of the order of the Hon’ble supreme court.
Even after clear instructions from UGC in this regard, the Lyngdoh committee’s
recommendation for conducting students union elections is still not implemented in
universities & colleges of karnataka. Thus, UGC has even sent reminder circular to all
Universities on 5th Sept 2014.

Government must explain this & take neccesary steps to ensure strict compliance of
Hon’ble Supreme court order. We have even requested some of our MLAs to discuss
about Student union election’s pros and cons in assembly session and propose for
resumption of student union election in universities & colleges.

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