Today the student community and youth are facing numerous problems all over the country. Neither the Government nor the educational institutions are trying to solve these problems. In this regard Students Islamic Organization (SIO) of India, Haryana has decided to release Students Election Manifesto so that Political parties will respond to these problems. This manifesto discusses the major issues related to the students and youth in Education, employment, social justice, human rights and environment. It includes demands and recommendations for a sustainable growth in respective fields in the state of Haryana.


Primary education:

  • As per recommendations by various Education Commissions the expenditure on education needs to be increased to 20% of Budget, to train its vast human resource to be competitive with rest of developing states and to rectify earlier injustices in educational expenditures.
  • To address various issues and to turn Right To Education Act (2009) into a reality, a standing joint-party committee(JPC) must be constituted in the Assembly to oversee and monitor effective implementation of RTE Act (2009), including accountability of its funds and finances.
  • To improve the enrollment rate as well as prevent dropout of students, proper survey has to be conducted. The government must adhere to strict implementation of RTE Act (2009) to eradicate child labor, thus also implementing Child Labor Act (1986) effectively.
  • In every villages and taluk offices a child welfare officer has to be appointed to strengthen Child Helpline.
  • Strict implementation of anti – tobacco and drug abuse law and Strict vigilance of Selling of tobacco, liquor, drugs near school is required. The tobacco free zone has to be increased to 200 meters of school vicinity.

Higher Education:

  • Reservation of students hailing from MEWAT Region should be at 10% across the state and 50% in the educational institutions of Mewat Region
  • Issues related to the scholarships/fellowships/grants/schemes offered by under various schemes by the state governments have to be addressed. In this era of hyper-inflation, the government should at the very least double the current amount given under these various schemes.
  • All the Universities should commence BA in Arabic and Islamic studies courses. Qualification certificates from Madrasas must be recognized as valid eligibility or six-month bridge course has to be introduced for madrasa students to join these courses. MA courses must be commenced as a follow up for these courses. Arabic and Islamic studies chair has to be opened in all the universities.
  • The financial assistance to secure Higher Education should not become a burden on the new and aspiring graduates, hindering progress of their careers and life by imposing a heavy premium on it. Hence the union and state government should waive all outstanding education loans as well as convert all educational loans to educational grants or scholarships in future.
  • State should establish the university in the Mewat Region with 50% of reservation seats for students hailing from Mewat region
  • State should provide proper infrastructure facilities to the newly established Central University of Haryana and try to get sanctioned the approved 3000 crores in the period of 35 months.
  • Reservations must be given to socially marginalized sections such as SCs, STs, and religious minorities as recommended by Justice Sachar committee and post – Sachar evolution committee report. Reservations should also be extended to premiere educational institutions such as IITs, IIMs, central universities, etc.
  • As per Justice Ranganath Misra Commission. 10% Reservation must be given in public services and in educational institutions, for students as well as teachers belonging to religious minorities.
  • The state government should waive all outstanding education loans as well as convert all educational loans to educational grants or scholarships in future.
  • Free health insurance for students of all levels should be provided by the relevant state authority with the provisions to convert the health insurance to general health insurance post-student hood.
  • To facilitate access to educational institutions, free transportation facility should be provided to students of all levels in the form of free train/bus passes.
  • Special tribunals for education – related disputes must be constituted regionally to ensure prompt and swift disposal of disputes and cases.
  • Instances of corruptions and exploitations in education field are on the rise. There is an urgent need to address the issue of corruption and nip it in the bud. A dedicated vigilance bureau should be set up to deal with corruption and irregularities in the educational field and ensure public accountability and transparency.
  • The concept of a school for every village has to be introduced in Rural areas in the state, especially in the Mewat region.
  • 1) Mewat region is the only one in the state that has no rail connectivity in spite of its vast area and huge population. The state government should ensure railway connectivity for mewat region.


  • The selection process for government and public sector jobs should be made transparent, fair, and efficient. The process of recruitment, from notification of post to the actual appointment and joining of the selected candidate, must be completed in a time bound manner.
  • Skill development and vocational training centers should be set up on a mass scale in an effective, transparent and accessible manner so that their benefits can be availed by those most in need of them.
  • Entrepreneurship and the setting up of SMEs should be encouraged by making the necessary financing and infrastructure easily accessible. Special care must be taken to ensure that the benefits of schemes and policies to encourage entrepreneurship are not limited to only a particular class of people.
  • Extension and expansion of MNREGS to guarantee to every adult at least 150 days of work a year at minimum wages; and expand the employment guarantee programme to provide 150 days work to all adults in rural and urban areas, at minimum daily wage(by category according to state)
  • To encourage entrepreneurship the centre should reserve 5% of the total bank deposits for encouraging entrepreneurship. Government should be the guarantor for 5 years to the interest-free loans to all the young entrepreneurs. Through new industrial policy, financial and fiscal encouragement should be given to micro, small and medium industries.
  • 100% employment guarantee along with certificate and stipend during the period of training for those undergoing skill development training under central governments Skills India scheme.
  • Create district – level job creation centers that employ local people to identify employment opportunities and to systematically to promote employment.
  • All the vacancies in government posts and public services must be filled. They must ensure appointments in all the vacant government posts within the next six months.
  • Regulation must be framed to require industries and companies to mandatorily allot an 20% of annual amount under the CSR fund to hire and train interns every year.

Human Rights:

  • Institutions made for protection of human rights (NHRC, SC/ST commission, NCW, NCM etc) should be strengthened by appointing credible people to their posts and providing them the necessary funds and infrastructure.
  • A comprehensive law should be enacted for the prevention of discrimination against religious minorities in employment, education, housing and other public utilities and for the prevention and punishment of all kinds of harassment and violence on the basis of religious identity.
  • A comprehensive scheme must be developed for the rehabilitation of those innocent citizens who were falsely accused in terrorism cases and subsequently acquitted. Further, the innocent people must be adequately compensated for the duration of their incarceration.
  • State Assembly should pass Anti-Lynching and Victims’ Rehabilitation legislation to protect the citizens from the random and pre-meditated mob violence in the state.
  • Legislation regarding female feticide and child marriage must be strictly enforced .