On 14 and 15 of March, SIO Gujarat organised HRD meet under the banner of of All Gujarat Leaders meet. The program commenced with Muta’la-e-Qur’an of Surah Fussilat (Ayat 30-36) co-ordinated by Jb. Saleem Patiwala (Secretary JIH Gujarat) on the night of March 14.
Next day after fajr Tazkir delivered by Br. Hannan Mirza (Unit President, SIO Juhapura). Br. Javed Qureshi (Zonal Secretary ,SIO Gujarat) Delivered a Inaugural talk and Mentioned the aims and Objective of Program
Br. Umar Mansuri (Former  ZP, SIO Gujarat) delivered a talk on “Qayadat saazi ke Ausaaf Khikafate Raahida ki Zindagi se”. Br. Kaleem Ansari (Former ZP, SIO Gujarat) conducted a group discussion. A workshop was conducted by Dr. Saqib Malik ( Zonal President SIO Gujarat) followed by a panel discussion. The program concluded with individual counseling of Leaders followed by Concluding Talk of Dr. Saqib Malik ( Zonal President SIO Gujarat)