New Delhi: Labeed Shafi (President, SIO of India) condemns the latest attacks launched by the Israeli army towards the Gaza Strip in Palestine. This includes the attack on 15 schools that caused the death of 6 students. Such attack was clearly against the provisions of international law and with little respect to the United Nations Security Council’s resolutions regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict. This is a violation of the legitimacy of the UN as a respected body responsible with maintaining global peace.

For the sake of humanity and human rights, Labeed calls upon the global community to keep on the pressure against Israel’s cowardly action and uphold justice for the people of Gaza. All sanctions must be lifted immediately and all access in the form of humanitarian missions, medicines and basic necessities must be secured to assist the suffering Palestinians.

Labeed also asked the solidarity of the Indian MPs through a special motion in the Parliament to condemn the uncivilised action by the Israelis, as winter session is going on. This is imperative as a sign of support and commitment by the Indian people in supporting the struggle for an independent Palestine. SIO affirms its support to the struggle of the Palestinian people. Let us all uphold the struggle of the people of Palestine. Freedom and independence of the global community will not be complete as long as Palestine is not free, Shafi concluded.

Department of Media, SIO of India.
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