New Delhi: On 21st January 2020, minor students of Shaheen School, Bidar enacted a play depicting the present insecurity in masses due to recently enacted CAA and announced NPR & NRC process. This “satire play” was performed in deccani accent of Hyderabad Karnataka region but was projected out of proportion by few people.

Soon after the video of this satire play went viral, police booked the school and Management under sections 124(A) – ‘sedition Laws’ and 153(A) – ‘Offence of promoting enmity/disharmony’ of the Indian Penal Code based on complaint filed by the right-wing activist. Later teacher & mother of the student were arrested on 30th Jan.

Mr. Labeed Shafi, President, SIO of India while condemning the arrest said that serious offences of Sedition & Promoting enmity on a satire play which was only representing the insecurity present in society regarding discrimnatory CAA, NRC & NPR process only shows the biasness in state machinery and blatant use of these draconian British era laws by police against the procedures laid down by Supreme court with regards to filing of Sedition cases.

He further added that the repeated scenes of interrogation of minor students aged around 9 years by Karnataka police against the norms laid down by “Juvinile Justice Act – 2015” that too in absence of parents reflects the insensitivity, prejudiceness and violation of law by police. Interrogation for 4th time in a week and even of minor students who was not part of this particular play is highly condemnable. Strict action should be taken against these police officers, he added.

Further questioning the government, Mr. Labeed said that cultural tools are means of represention. If a satire play depicting the discrimnatory CAA-NRC-NPR process invites sedition charges & arrest, then how seditious this law & process should be which is creating huge distress & enmity among citizens of country. And what should be the charges on the persons responsible for enacting this very discrimnatory & unconstitutional CAA along with the process of NPR-NRC, he added.

The charges of creating enmity & disharmony between the communities only shows the lack of awareness regarding CAA which itself is discrimnatory & creating enmity based on religion and region against the spirit of Indian constitution.

It should be noted that today Karnataka Police visited the school for 4th time and had interrogating minor students which shows that Karnataka state police is misusing the law only to harass & to create fear in students and parents.

Mr. Labeed said that these intimidating tactics will not stop the ongoing protest against Unconstitutional CAA & will only strengthen the ongoing movement against the combine package of CAA-NRC-NPR. It clearly shows that state is directly targeting the dissenting voices who are out in streets protesting against this discriminatory & unconstitutional CAA/NPR/NRC which will effect the basic idea of India, if implemented, he added.