New Delhi: The killing of any person by a mob with such brutality and inhumanity just because he belonged to a particular community is an affront to the whole society. It is not just one person who is killed, it is an attack on our collective morality and the rule of law. Regardless of the theft or any other crime he was alleged to have committed, no one had the right to assault him or take his life. And this was not a simple case of an outraged mob taking out its anger over a suspected thief. The fact that he was made to chant “Jai Sri Ram” by the mob shows that the incident had taken a communal colour. The attitude of the police must also be called into question here. Not only did they fail to prevent this heinous incident, they also failed to record a case of mob lynching in clear violation of the Supreme Court’s guidelines.

Unfortunately, we are all well aware that this is not the first incident in Jharkhand. The state has a terrible record in preventing such tragedies. It also does not help that Union Ministers have previously been known to garland and honor criminals convicted of being involved in such lynching in Jharkhand. Together, the state and central governments have created an enabling environment for these kinds of communally inspired lynchings all over the country. Groups that indulge in such activities are reassured by the previous conduct of the central and state governments and know that they have full impunity to carry out their agenda of violent hate and division. The state and central government as well as the party in power must be held to account for this complete breakdown of law and order.

SIO strongly feels that there needs to be a national law along the lines of the SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act to deal with growing incidents of lynching and other kinds of violence against religious minorities in India.

Department of Media, SIO of India.
Syed Ahmed Ali(National Secretary, SIO of India)
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