New Delhi: The protest was in regard to the issuance of e-certificates for the successful candidates of December 2018 NET exam. Many candidates are yet to receive their e-certificates in spite of lapse of 6 months and repeated reminders to UGC.

Addressing the students gathering, Syed Ahmed Muzakkir, National Secretary, SIO of India said that the delay was causing hardship to the students who want pursue their M. Phil or seek a scholarship, as it cannot be applied for without the certificate. The apathy of the authorities about the plight of the students is clear from the fact that repeated letters and emails to the UGC authorities have gone unheeded and unreplied so far.

Shabeer CK, National Secretary, SIO of India, addressing the gathering demanded that authorities take immediate steps to resolve the issue.

A delegation of the protesters met the authorities and submitted a memorandum of demands. The UGC authorities received the memorandum and promised to take immediate measures to resolve the issue to students satisfaction.

Department of Media, SIO of India.
Syed Ahmed Ali (National Secretary, SIO of India)
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