SIO Provides Aid To Family Stuck In Mahbubnagar

by | May 22, 2020

Mahbubnagar: The unplanned lockdown has brought before us the broken system and fractured humanity. However, few incidents reinforce our idea that humanity can still be revived.

Since the start of the unplanned unconcerned implementation of the lockdown members of SIO have been involved in various activities for relief of daily wagers, migrant workers and the sections of the society who suffered during the lockdown.

One heartbreaking incident, which came to light today was of a mother and her son, residents of Cuddapah stuck in Mahboobnagar because of lockdown surviving on the relief ration kits. Two days back the woman fell ill and subsequently died at the Government Hospital, Mahboobnagar. Her 15yr old son was left helpless and alone. For 2 days he was unable to do anything with her. The incident reached Sufiyan Ali Secretary SIO TS, who along with other NGO’s arranged an ambulance, funeral kit and also provided some cash in hand to carry. The boy and body of his deceased mother were sent to Cuddapah, to their relatives.

Sufiyan Ali said that members of SIO across state are participating in many relief activities and urged the general student community to also come forward and contribute.

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