Students Islamic Organization of India Modasa , Vijapur , Himmatnagar and lambadiya circles collectively gathered for Human Resource Development camp at Modasa. Aim of this camp to oragnize and make planing for upcoming Ramdan for individual and organization .

In this camp various topic were covered , which were Ramdan and relationship with Allah , Reconnecting with family, friends and society in this ramdan Major victories in Ramdan lesson from it. Also oppen discussion conducted on topic of Fasting Misunderstanding in nom muslims and solutions . In which all the participants actively gave their experiences and solutions for It. Video lecture of S Aminul hasan on topic of Make change and planing of Ramdan also played . In his concluding words Br.Umar Mansuri (Zonal President SIO Gujarat) said that Ramdan is the month in which we have to do our tazkiya , Ramdan comes with opportunity to develop our personality . We have to take maximum benefits from It .