Democratic Rights Must Be Restored in Campuses: SIO

by | Jun 23, 2010

Campus politics unfortunately had been made synonym to destruction. SIO tries to restore a campus where all parties and ideologies are allowed to work freely and democratically. It is condemnable that in major part of the universities, the ruling union acts in an autocratic nature, making it impossible for other organizations and parties to work. SIO urges the administration to implement the recommendations of Lyngdoh Commission in all universities and campuses of Uttar Pradesh.


SIO is all set to launch a state level massive campaign addressing the issue. The leaders told that campuses must be transformed into a place where different ideologies exist with peaceful co-existence embedded with creative dialogue. And union elections must be a tool to get support for the ideologies and values they stand for; not gundaism and show of glamour.


Asadullah Siddiqi (SIO Uttar Pradesh state president), Masihuzzama (secretary, Uttar Pradesh state) and Zahid Hussain (Secretary for Public Relations, UP) participated in the press conference held at SIO state headquarters at Maulviganj, Ameenabad, Lucknow.



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