Delhi: Delhi police have barged into the residence of Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan, the Chairman of Delhi Minority Commission to arrest him on the Sedition case which has been charged against him on Thursday evening. It is shocking the way police has behaved with a person like Zafaul Islam, who had a respected career of social activism and also holds the government position.

Police has came into his house without any prior notice and also intimidated to take him for interrogation and seizing personal belongings. It is due the resistance of local residents, police has withdrawn from this action, and asked him to appear for interrogation after two days. This incident clearly shows that Delhi police do not maintain any respect to the esteemed career of a person, public position and even the holy month of Ramdan.

The charge against Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan is politically motivated and should be dropped, said Abul Ala (President, SIO Delhi). It is very unfortunate that Delhi police is not only proceeding with the case but they are using it as a chance to revenge against him for his determined efforts for minority communities as the chairman of the Delhi Minority Commission.

It is very evident that the Delhi police is hunting the social and political activists specifically from Muslim community. This incident shows the width of the wrath of police, that even the minority commission chairman is not spared.

SIO condemns in the strongest words against police action and we repeat the demand that the charges against him should be dropped. Delhi police must stop the targeted action against activists and leaders from Muslim community, concluded Abu Ala.

Department of Media,
SIO Delhi.