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SIO’s demonstration against rape in Jamshedpur

SIO demonstration against rape in Jamshedpur

The abduction, rape and murder of a five year old on 25th April 2013 shook the entire nation. In this regard, SIO Jharkand organized a massive demonstration on 26th April to protest against the increasing incidents of rapes. Zonal secretary of SIO Jharkhand Br.Ziaullah lead the rally which started from Gandhi Maidan in Mango at 12 Noon. Participants displayed placards with messages like ‘real men don’t rape, real women don’t expose body’. A signature drive was also conducted as part of the rally.

Zonal President Br. Irshad Bari addressed the media and demanded capital punishment for the perpetrators of such heinous crimes. He also urged the government to understand the root causes of rape and take preventive measures such as ban on porn sites, and ban on alcohol and drugs etc. The rally concluded at DC office at 2pm. A delegation led by Zonal President submitted a memorandum to the DC.

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