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Morality is a relative concept and it is situational – Prof. Neelam Sukhramani

Morality in fact doesn’t have a specific framework as the concept of morality is a relative one and it’s judgement depends on the situations opined Prof. Neelam Sukhramani, Prof. Department of Social Work. She was speaking at the lecture program organized by Students Islamic Organization Jamia Zone in collaboration with Samajik Chethana Manch on the topic “Morality and Campuses – Role of Education” at Public Library Hall, Batla House, New Delhi. Morality should include a self-analysis of oneself and should or cannot be impose from above – she added. JIH Delhi – Haryana Amir, Abdul Waheed Sahib in his concluding …

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Students must respond positively to the threat of communalism – SIO National President

Communalism, which has grown as a threat to India should be addressed by the student community positively -said Ashfaque Shareef, National President of SIO. He was addressing the members and associates of SIO Jamia Millia Islamia at a tazkiya camp in SIO headquarters. Communalism has been propagated and spread by the state itself when it has the power to curb such menace. The distortion of history in the academic arena has caused the minds of the young generation to have wrong notions of the society especially the Muslim community. He added that the process of polarization has been one of …

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SIO observes World Day of Social Justice at Jantar Mantar

Students from across various campuses of Delhi gathered at Jantar Mantar today to form a human chain as part of World day of Social Justice. February 20 is observed across the globe as World day of Social Justice by United Nations. Speaking on the occasion, National Secretary of SIO, Masihuzzaman said that Social Justice means an equal and fair opportunity for everyone to live in just conditions of the society. Addressing the students, Delhi President of SIO, Anees-ur-Rahman said that social justice is crucial for the healthy being of a plural society. He further said that inclusion is an inseparable …

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Present Islam as a solution to human problems – Iqbal Mulla Sahib

JIH National secretary (Da’wa wing) Jb. Iqbal Mulla Sahib stressed the need for Islamic propagation in the era of globalization where man has been gripped with the problems of the materialistic ideologies of the 21st century. He was addressing the audience at the launch of the week long Da’wa campaign by SIO Jamia zone at the Public Library in Batla House, New Delhi. He added that the encouraging factor for a Muslim in this period is that a vaccum has been created in the human minds as a result of the spread of globalization and he is in search of …

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SIO’s Iftar party at JNU

SIO’s Iftar party at Jawaharlal Nehru University JNU Delhi

Students Islamic Organization of India, JNU Unit organized an Iftar Party for various students leaders on 25th July 2013 at Students activity Centre in Jawaharlal Nehru University – JNU. The Iftar was followed by an interaction with the students leaders of various students organization of JNU. SIO’s National President Ashfaq Shareef explained the importance of fasting in Ramadan, Prof A. K. Ramakrishnan , HOD of Centre for West Asian Studies discussed the social benefits of Ramadan, Comrade Mr Lenin, President of JNU Students Union, Mr Shakeel Anjum, Secretary of JNUSU, Minakshi Borgohain, Vice President of JNUSU also spoke on the occasion. …

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Detention of Jamia Students Unjust: SIO JMU

New Delhi (08 May 2011): Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) JMI Zone strongly condemns detention of students by Delhi Police. The Students had been in an indefinite hunger strike on shortage of attendance. They were demonstrating peacefully from Saturday onwards and a group of police and Jamia special guards were standing around them and creating despondent situation from that day itself. Sunday afternoon the police force came and tried to disperse the students, which led to clash and arrest of six students including girls. President, SIO JMI Zone Ajmal V said, “SIO has declared its solidarity to these students, …

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Jamia Millia had been a minority institute from the beginning-Experts

Jamia Millia had been a minority institute from the beginning opined experts who took part in discussion on Minority Status of Government Aided Institute in SIO national headquarters. The programme was organised by Jamia Millia Islamia zone in collaboration with SIO headquarters. Experts from various fields spoke on the issue. Professor N. U. K

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