Students Center

Brief about Proposed Students Centre:

Broadly describing, proposed student centre aims to provide facilities devoted to student recreation, socialization & education. A conventional student’s centre consisting of five floors offers a variety of facilities which includes accommodation to students, meeting hall, library, program hall, dining facility & research orientation centre. Many students from all over country migrate to National Capital of India, New Delhi for the purpose of education in prestigious universities & training in competitive exams. Finding affordable accommodation for them is a serious issue. The Proposed SIO Hostel Building will also accommodate and to provide a space for Young Civil Service Aspirants, Law, Journalism Students and others who come to New Delhi for coaching. Considering above scenario, SIO of India proposed the Hostel Building next to SIO Headquarters at Abul Fazl Enclave, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi.

 Hostel Facility: Planning to provide accommodation to around 100 students.
 Library: Multi Lingual Library facility with books on Islam, Moral Values, Contemporary
Literature, Competitive exams, selected course curriculum etc.
 Meeting Room: Meeting Room facility for discussions & brain storming.
 Seminar Hall: Seminar Hall facility for regular training classes, lectures & programs.
 Dining Hall: Kitchen & Dining area for all the residing students in Hostel.

Dear Friends, a humble request to you:
To fulfil this multi dimensional project, details of which have been presented here – we request
for your sincere support. For the betterment of community in particular & society in general,
SIO of India requests you to help us by donating & contributing in this important community
project – the prolific results of which will be utilized by generations to come.
You can make your donations in person by visiting our headquarters or through link below:

*Please note that since our account is not FCRA registered, hence only Indian citizens
(Residents of India & NRI’s) can contribute. No foreigners or other nationals can
For sponsorships, large scale donations & more details, contact:
Maaz Maniyar
National Secretary
Email: [email protected]
Ph: 011-26946285