SIO of India withdrew the Case against CBSE (AIPMT) seeing decline interest of Chief Justice H.L. Dattu: Students Islamic Organisation (SIO) of India withdrew the Case against CBSE(AIPMT) seeing The decline interest of Chief Justice H.L. Dattu to obstruct with the dress code prescribed by the CBSE for candidates appearing for the AIPMT exam on Saturday July 25 2015, Said, laeeq Ahmed Khan (National Secretary SIO of India), Petitioner by SIO in a Statement.

Mr Iqbal Hussain, President Students Islamic Organisation (SIO) of India have a strong objection on the statement made by Chief Justice H.L. Dattu while rejecting the plea of Students Islamic Organisation of India, saying: “If you appear in an examination without a Head scarf, your faith will not disappear.” And Describing the plea as “nothing but an ego”, while the Verse of Quran was also Quoted in this Reference by the senior advocates Mr. Sanjay Dhigde, Seeking it as the matter of Faith.

Advocates, Mr. Shadan Farasat said that If the rule 6(c) and 7(a) of notification of CBSE are enforced, the petitioners will not be in a position to appear for AIPMT scheduled Re-Test for 25 July 2015, which would infringe their rights guaranteed under Article 25 of the Constitution of India,”

Advocates, Farasat also Mentioned that “The petitioners have no objection to being frisked by women staff or other security measures, but the absolute bar on wearing their religiously prescribed clothing is too big  measure, which is not essential to attain the proposed objectives of the CBSE,”

On July 21, 2015 The Kerala High Court allowed two girls to appear for their exams wearing full sleeves. And Asked CBSE to depute a woman invigilator in the centre where the Candidate need to present them 30 minutes before the exam in Front of  The invigilator.

SIO feels That Board need to come up with a mechanism to trouble shoot the problems of Malpractice & other irregularities and make the process Hassel free instead of  just one way commanding of certain things which may damage cultural and religious ethos of Indian Tradition. And Dress was not the matter for Re-Test.

After filing of Students Islamic Organisation (SIO) of India petition in SC, Some Officials’ of CBSE made statements of allowing Muslim girls to wear their customary dress, by asking them to report early so that they can be frisked, which was mere statement made by some official in press and not yet confirmed through modifications in their notification CBSE/AIPMT/RE/2015/3282 posted on 09 July 2015, SIO of India demand CBSC to make its Statement Clear before the Aspirants through Amendment of its Notification of Dress Code.

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