Resource Person – Prof (retd.) Madhu Prasad, Dr. Zakir Hussain College, DU.
As New Education policy is being drafted by GoI and suggestions are being invited from individuals and organizations for making a good draft of the policy and the same may be passed from Parliament of India.
There are 33 themes- 13 themes for School education and 20 themes for higher education.
RTE Act 2009 came into existence in 2010 and there is no mention of this Act in the Draft of New Education Policy.
As per RTE Act 2009, 25 % free seats are to be provided to weaker sections of society.
There is regular closure of Govt. schools in all states and schools are being run on PPP model to transform them slowly into a complete private entity.

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In 1964, Kothari commission gave a concept of Neighbourhood schools.
50,400 medical specialists are produced every year and none go to rural areas to practice. There is constant privatization of medical education, resulting in less no. of Doctors from Rural areas and seats are sold out in the market in private medical colleges and only rich can afford them.
At the very outset, she said that our society is being pushed towards a dangerous path.
There was 11% literacy during the British rule in India. Now, those things are being repeated which we did not accept during the British period.
.How can we make India Adunuk Rashtra? By giving each citizen-rich, poor, male, female equal opportunity for education.
Religious education should not be taught in Govt schools.
The women in India got right to vote much before the women in many European countries but unfortunately they did not get right to equal opportunities in education.
Why there is Reservation of seats for NRI in Govt Institutions? How merit will be maintained by giving admission to NRI without any merit criteria?
Kothari Commission report is worth implementing in education system.
No child is blank slate; she/he has some knowledge/skills.
Students learn by Heart because they do not understand the language they are taught in.
First the child should learn in his mother tongue. Three language formula is good.
In 1980s, it was realized, that something is wrong with our education policy.
Now the Govt has adopted a World Bank way of Drafting Policy.
There are 33 points in New Education Policy draft on different Themes.
By 2020, 50% of children going to school will pay fee for education.
80 % population in India is living at Rs. 20/day.
As per new Child labour law, children below 14 years of age can work in family business.
On Skill Development. Only 8-10 % will get opportunity for skill development education.
During 11th Century, Turks brought Sewing system to India, before that there was no sewing system in India.
In India, 57 % of the people are from lower castes.
Allahabad High Court judgment is very crucial as far as school education in India is concerned, it said that, Govt Officer’s children should also attend Govt schools, it will improve the quality of these schools.
5 % Corporate Tax is reduced by BJP Govt at the Centre and the burden of this is imposed on primary, secondary and higher education by reducing the budget for education. There is no proportionate increment in budget as students enrolment is increasing.
This 5 % tax would have provided free education to all children in India.
In the last one and half year, 1.5 lacks schools have been closed down and subsidies are cut down.
Govt is going to make 100 smart cities, from where the money will come; it will come from education and other social welfare schemes.
Few Years ago, Finland was poorest achiever in education but since last 5 years Finland is No. 1 in whole of Europe in education. It is very sad to know that, in 5 lacks Schools, there is only one Teacher.