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About The Conference :

Student Islamic organization of India is hosting India International Islamic academic conference (IIIAC) on Islamic epistemology, identity formation, and maqasid al-shari’a. the conference will be held in India Islamic cultural centre, New Delhi from 8-9 October2016. The important aspect of the conference is it establish academic Deliberations on contemporary issues in reference to Islamic thoughts, it also aims to inculcate Academic orientation of Islamic teaching among young scholars in Universities of India and abroad , As Islam defines the Unity of knowledge in all walks of life without any prejudice there is no segregation and counter narrative on its principals, therefore it evolves in classical terminologies and also reflects its principals in modern terminologies of the west, but unfortunate is that the western narrative diluted the essence of its principals. Hence the aim of conference is also to critically analyze and Pay way for an atmosphere which helps to understand and discover the modern situations in Islamic perspective.

Themes and Sub Themes :

1. Islamic Epistemology: Revelation and Reason

  • Evolution of Philosophical and Jurisprudential Schools in Islam
  • Epistemological Foundations of Islam
  • Principles and Methodology of Research in Islamic Perspective
  • Islamic Hermeneutics: Interpretation of Texts

2. Identity Formation: State, Society and Islam

  • Nations Re-imagined: Issues of Citizenship
  • Nation and Nationalism: Exclusion and Inclusion
  • Gender Discourse in Islam
  • Casteism, Racism and Jingoism: The Question of Identity
  • Muslim Society and Nation Building

3. Development and Civilization in the Light of Higher Objectives of Shari’a (Maqasid al-Shari’a)

  • Developmental Ethics: an Islamic Perspective
  • Science and Technology: Philosophical and Practical Implications from
  • Inclusive Economic Development: an Islamic Objective
  • Law and Ethics in Islam
  • New Trends in Islamic Jurisprudence
  • Islamic Perspective