Protest and Effigy Burning of CBI

SIO JNU in collaboration with YFDA organised a protest and Effigy Burning of CBI Against Derailment of Justice, Against CBI’S Claim, that no one assaulted Najeeb. Sabarmati dhabha Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi. 9 PM, 18th May

Ramazan Activities of Units/Circles

Different types of activities like Public talk, Iftar Get Together with cadres, iftar with difference, Quran Pravachan for Brother e Watan etc. organized at Abul Fazal Enclave (A-D) & ( E-N), Shaheenbagh, Kardampuri, Batla House, Nabi Karim, Vikas Nagar. Br. Mohd....

Activity Report of SIO Delhi Released

Activity Report (2017-18) of SIO Delhi Released by Br. Nahas Mala (National President, SIO of India), Br. Khaleeq Ahmed (GS, SIO of India), Br. Syed Azharuddin (NS, SIO of India), Br. Mohd Shadab (ZP, SIO Delhi) & Br. Amir Jamal (ZS, SIO Delhi)

Tazkiya Night & Ijtemai Sehri

SIO Delhi organised a Tazkiya Night at Masjid e ishaat e Islam with the coordination of Abul Fazal Enclave (A-D). JB. Raziul Islam Nadvi (Secretary, Tasneefi Academy-JIH), Br. Abulaala Syed (CAC Member, SIO of India), Br. Masihuzzama Ansari (Former National secretary,...

Welcoming Ramazan Workshop

SIO Abul Fazal Enclave (A-D) organised a Welcoming Ramazan Workshop on 12 May at RWA office. JB. Shafique Islahi Sab, JB. Arif Nadvi Sab, Br. Abulaala Syed, Br. Maaz & Br. Taiyeb Addressed the gathering on different topics  

Story Telling and Nasheed Competition

SIO Abul Fazal Enclave unit organised a Story Telling and Nasheed Competition at SIO Headquarters. Children actively participated in the competition. Br. Asif Iqbal (Former President, SIO Delhi) addressed the gathering. Top students selected for recording at Kids...