21-23 FEBRUARY 2020 | Jamia Nagar, New Delhi


“God is Beautiful and He loves beauty”. The aesthetic foundations of the global Islamic community are summarized in this phrase from the words of the Last Prophet (PBUH). God is beautiful in His essence, in His names and attributes, and in His actions. Hence, His creatures including human kind are supposed to enjoy the abundance of beauty in this living cosmos and feel gratitude towards the creator and the sustainer of the same. God has placed His signs for conscious human beings across nature as well as in His revealed texts, in order to ponder and to discover the essence and meaning immersed in each of His signs. The coherence of Islam is attested by harmony of insurmountable dualities in this phenomenal world. In other way around, Islam is the principle of the organization of the universe. In the passage of time, Muslims across the globe developed, indulged in, engaged with diverse forms of arts and aesthetics to manifest as well as to express the beauty and bliss of God. They have come with novel forms and platforms of artistic explorations and aesthetic endeavours spanning through the lives of various populaces, and these all elements eventually formed a spectrum of culture. While aspiring Islam as coherent as well a harmonious towards hazardous challenges human beings face in the contemporary, the necessity befalls on us to represent this synthesis in our living surroundings.
While acknowledging the existence of diverse aesthetic manifestations of Muslims, recognition and appreciation of art forms of the subjugated people are reckoning us as the need of the hour.
The present time witnesses’ major fascist onslaughts on the lives of marginalized communities including Muslims in India and the dominant forces threaten mere presence of such people and their cultural capitals and traditional knowledge productions. Here joint ventures of cultural/traditional/artistic/aesthetic expressions find a new rhythm against mounting pressures of fascism and form a harmonious organic unity among cultural aspirants and artistic enthusiasts from such community spaces.
Inspired by such vast fertile grounds of diversity and global resistance, Students Islamic Organization of India (SIO) endeavours to set up a cultural platform in order to celebrate the diverse but deep-rooted manifestations of arts and aesthetics with a flavour of tradition.SIO wishes to bring forth popular as well as philosophical discourses and expressions of the aforementioned elements in abundance and attempts to discover harmonious coexistence and cooperation among them for better tomorrows. This platform would provide a space for assertion of subjectivities, denial of stereotypes, recognition of margins and celebration of ‘the Others’ far away from conventional mainstreams.


Programs are framed in a festival manner containing knowledge production, experience, and
performances. This is a three day program with 50plus sessions in six venues. The focused
participants are students and youth across the nation. The festival includes variety of sessions
celebrating various aspects of Arts, culture, Aesthetics & Literature. Participants are requested
to select their interested domains on priority. Limited seats hurry up & register yourself.


Collaborations & Sponsorships

SIO of India invites interested philanthropists & well wishers for collaborations & sponsorship for our National level event “Alwaan – All India Cultural Festival on Art & Aesthetics”.

For collaborations & Sponsorship Details, Contact:
Mohammed Maaz Maniyar
National Secretary, SIO of India
Email ID: [email protected]
Mb: +91 95 90 852 385

Categories for collaborations:

1- Event collaborations

  • Event Co-organiser
  • Session Collaborators

2- Media Collaborations

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