SIO of India welcomes you to “All India Online Competition”.
Rules & Regulations:

1- To appear for this exam, you need to sign in with a gmail account. Else exam link will not open.


2- Once the link is opened, fill in all the personal details and proceed for the exam.


3- Questions consist of 50 objective types and 14 subjective types.


4- For subjective/Descriptive questions, you can opt any of the following options
     a. Continue writing answers in the given space online.

     b. Write the subjective type answers in any paper available with you (preferably A4) and attach the readable PDF of the same.


5- Subjective/Descriptive answers must be written only in the script of language adopted by you, else your paper will be rejected.


6-  It is an open book competition, it is allowed to refer to the book while writing this exam.


7- Winners will be declared based on the highest marks obtained by the participants. If more than one participant secures the same number of highest marks, then the winner will be declared based on “draw between these toppers”.
Important announcement: Due to the recent Natural calamity of “Amphan Cyclone” in West Bengal, exam for participants from west bengal state only who can’t write the exam now will be given another chance to write the exam with revised question paper on 30th May 2020. All other participants from rest of India should write the exam between 6am to 12 midnight on 22nd May 2020 as scheduled.

Winners will be declared on 7th June 4pm

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