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IKC and Sudents Convention By SIO Hapur District


Students Islamic Organization Of India UP West Hapur Distt  organized an ISLAMIC KNOWLEDGE COMPETITION (IKC) on August 10,2014 in which 650 students under two groups, first X-XII And second  under graduate – post graduate participated followed by a STUDENTS CONVENTION cum PRIZE DIOSTRIBUTION CERMONY on August 17,2014. I, II,III and 10 consolation prizes were given in each group. Br Nazeerul Hasan Khan Falahi Zonal President SIO UP West delivered a lecture on PURPOSE OF EDUCATON and Br Zaki Ahmad Ex-Presidents SIO UP West delivered a lecture on STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY IN CURRENT SCENARIO In this ceremony leader of ABVP and about …

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SIO UP WEST delegates visit the Saharanpur Distt on 11-12 August, 2014 to share the grief of communal riot victims. The delegates also met with the Political leaders, Administration, Sheher Qazi and other influential personalities of Saharanpur to maintain law and order and request them to help the riot victims to gain the legal support. Br Nazeerul Hasan khan Falahi zonal presidents SIO UP WEST, Adv. Br Amjad Suport System Convener, BR Tanveer, Br Danish, Br Sajid were present.

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Campus visit to K.L.E Society by SIO Haveri District


SIO Haveri dist. along with zonal president sio karnataka visited K.L.E polytechnic and had meeting with chairman of the institution. After introducing sio before the chairman, organized a lecture at K.L.E Polytechnic College, Haveri on the occasion of Zonal President’s visit to Haveri. Thouseef Ahmed (Zonal President, SIO Karnataka) Introduced SIO and mentioned the relevance of this organization at K.L.E Polytechnic. Also critically analysed present materialistic education system and polarization among student community. Chairman, KLE polytechnic, Abdul Kabeer (Campus sec. SIO Karnataka), Sadath Hussain (Expansion sec. sio karnataka), Nizmuddin (District in charge, sio Haveri district)  and Jibranullah Khan (Circle organizer, …

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Academic Village by SIO Rajasthan


Jaipur. SIO Rajasthan zone conducted a four days long “SELECTED MEMBERS CAMP” titled Academic village 2014 from august 07th to 10th at jhotwara Jaipur, where selected members of the organization from the different regions of rajasthan participated in the camp. The main objective behind the camp was to nurture ideological aspect of the members so they can lead the organization in the ideological war of modern age. Dr. Muhammed Rafat. (Secretary, Jamat-e-Islami Hind), Dr. SQR Ilyas Sb. (CAC Member, JIH), Dr. Mu. Saleem eng. (Secretary, Jamat-e-Islami Hind), Khan Yasir. (CAC Member, SIO), Sarwar Hasan (General Secretary, SIO) and other intellectual …

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Protest rally against Israel by SIO Khammam


A rally we organized at by sio Khammam against Israel Nearly 1000 plus was the gathering. The rally started from Urdu gher shadi khana to collectorate. There the rally eneded by burning the statue of  Israel..throughout the rally students shouted the slogans. We demanded Telangana assembly and Parliament to pass the resolutions in favor of Gaza. We also demanded to boycott the Israeli products.

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Joint protest against israel by SIO jabalpur

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On the occasion of quds day sio jabalpur along with other socio-cultural and political organisations like JIH, SDPI, NSUI, IndianYouth Congress, CPI, alpsankhyak kalyan samiti, yuva ansar samaj, satya mev jayate etc organised a joint protest in jabalpur for condemning the brutality and opression by israel upon the people of Palestine. People showed their solidarity and demanded that indian govt shud break all its ties with israel which is the biggest violater of human rights and UN treaties and should exert pressure upon Israel at various international forums to end the seige of Gaza. Leaders of organisation signed the memorendum …

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Save Gaza Save Humanity Campaign by SIO Mumbai


Molding the enthusiasm, zeal and courage of students towards constructive development in the society. Students Islamic Organization of India Mumbai Division organized a week long campaign in support of Gaza-Palestine against genocide and violent war crimes from Israel. The campaign “SAVE Gaza SAVE Humanity” organized across several colleges and campuses of city, from 19th-25th July, aiming towards bringing the real issue making student community aware about the war crimes of Israel toward Palestine and expressing solidarity with citizens of GAZA. Hundreds of students were found wearing black ribbons as mark of protest against Israel where holding banners and play cards …

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Protest Against Israel organized By Akola unit


 21 July, Global anger grows as Around 500 protesters mass outside Collectors’s Office In Akola .This protest was organized by Student Islamic Organization Of India Akola Unit.They submitted memorandum to Collector.In It’s solidarity to Palestinians people, Sio is organizing several protest around the nation.Abdul Mateen Media Secretory of Akola Unit Says “ They want to end the Palestinian people, but the Palestinians will never surrender.“.

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Iftar Party by Sio Kota Rajasthan


Considering the Holy Month of Ramadan, SIO Kota arranged an Iftar party cum Dinner at Waqf Nagar for students of different educational streams including engineering and medical. It was a pleasing moment that response of students was euphoric. Nearly 100s of students and youths attended program commenced with Iftar followed by a brief introduction of SIO by Saiful Islam. Br.  Muttalib Mirza (President SIO Raj.) addressed gathering about roles and responsibilities of youths and also he brought to light the significance of Ramadan. He explained how fasting helps an individual to train himself to be obedient to the creator and …

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Peaceful Protest against Israel By Sio Kota Rajasthan


A Massive Peaceful Protest was held on 17th july by SIO kota(Raj.) and supported by GIO & JIH against atrocious Israel condemning brutal and escalating Israel attacks on Gaza calling for end to the Israeli air strikes on Gaza which killed Hundreds of innocents so far including children and women, and thousands have been injured. Saiful Islam told aforementioned objectives and appealed people to join this protest in support of humanity that one need not to be a Muslim to stand against brutal acts one just need to be Human. Br. Mutallib Mirza (President SIO Raj.) appealed Govt. to break …

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