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Calicut University Union Election: Tremendous Lead for SIO


Grand lead for SIO in Calicut University Union Election held on 4th October. SIO bagged 6 unions, 43 general seats, 16 associations and 15 class representative seats and attained second in most of the campuses. It was the struggles, fastings and imprisonments by SIO as the representatives of four and half lakh students against the mal administrations of Calicut university were led to this great performance which has demolished the so called main stream students movements. This glorious reminds the contemporary students politics who have shown untouchability towards everything religious based and later themselves accepted it globally with extreme spirit. …

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FUTURE IS OURS – SIO Kerala campaign


The state level campaign “FUTURE IS OURS” organized by sio kerala was inaugurated by SIO state President Br. Shihab Pokottoor at Adimali (Idukki district). He stated that students deep rooted in moral and spiritual ethics are the one who shape the future world. It’s ridiculous to celebrate invalid ideologies and out dated philosophies. Morally disciplined and socially committed students have been in the fore-front in creatively rebuilding and restructuring the society through the sages of history, he said. He also added that the creative society is only possible through the hands of value based and socially enlightened students. As the …

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Kerala SIO school campaign begins


Kasargode (01.07.12) : SIO High school Campaign commences with the colorful program held here at ICT English School kasargode. The program titled this year as ‘distinguished student’s hood’ was inaugurated by SIO state secretary Sameer Neerkunnam .He said that society should accept the identity of the students, and should promote the freedom of expressions. Society without promoting the creative ability of student can’t be said as a progressive, he added. SIO District Acting president v.p shakir preside over the function. Sio ZAC member salman Saeed explained the theme of the campaign. ICT principal Rafeek nadavi, felicitated TKM Abdul Kadar, yunus, …

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SIO Workers Besieges University Of Calicut


Thenjippalam: The SIO workers besieged the Calicut university administrative office and main gate around three hours. Solution of the irregularities in credit and semester system, publish the result of degree 1st,2nd,3rd and 4rth semesters, disciplinary actions against the non- working employees , if noticed, steps to initiate to constitute students council as per statute, postponement of the scheduled examinations on the day after the Eid were the demands raised by the protesters. The police CI Umesh, Kondotty CI Asainar, Thenjippalam SI Hidayathullaah Mambra blocked the march to the administration office by 10am. Based on the discussion of the leaders with …

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Islamic intellectual activism inevitable for social enlightenment: Dr.Inayathullah Subhani


Kozhikode: The internationally well-known scholar and head of the Qur’an department, Al-Jamia Al Islamia Dr.Inayathullah Subhani opined that the Islamic intellectual activism is inevitable for social enlightenment. He was inaugurating the declaration meet of the Islamic Academic Conference sio Kerala. Islamic knowledge carrying generation is, in fact, in the endeavor of directing time and nation. He added. The concise of the inaugural speech was translated by the program asi.director C.T.Suhaib. Jama’athe Islami Kerala ameer T.Arif Ali declared the supposed dates of Islamic Academic Conference as January 14 &15. He indicated that the resourcefulness and creativity are the salient features of …

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It’s High Time KERALA Govt. should React : SIO Kerala


KOODAMKULAM: Shihab pookotur, the state president of SIO has asked the Govt. of Kerala to react against the Central Govt’s move to produce electricity from the KOODAM nuclear plant. The Koodamkulam nuclear plant is just 120kms away from Kerala. Any minor accident in the plant will completely affect the Trivandrum and Quilon districts of Kerala. Fishing will be affected the worst as the nuclear waste would be dumped in the sea. He added that Kerala’s silence towards the issue is annoying and surprising as they’ve realized the consequences of the nuclear tragedy that happened in Japan. He was speaking in …

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“MOUDUDI: Yet To be Understood Scholar”

Maulana Maudoodi

Kannur: The eve gathering on the topic “Sayyid moududi: writings and thoughts” conducted by SIO district committee, evaluated that Modern era has failed to understand the scholar Sayyid Moududi who led to global Islamic renaissance. T.P.Shameem pappinissery introduced  topic, opined that Moududi is being picturized as the brain behind devastating acts and the investigations about him are based on the prejudices having no evidences of the truth. The writer and social worker K.K.Baburaj said that, the works of Moududi challenges and questions all types of powers and authorities.‘It is necessary to stop the untouchability towards Moududi’s writings and it is …

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PR drive for better Education | SIO Calicut


SIO submits manifesto for University of CalicutCalicut: SIO Kerala state president shihab pookottur submitted university manifesto to the vice chancellor of university of Calicut Dr. Abdussalam demanding comprehensive development of the university. The manifesto consists approximately 1 2 suggestions such as Implementation of  Credit and semester system effectively, constitution of  students counsel, establishment of  international Arabic study center and departments of anthropology, sociology, and Urdu  and so on so forth. Vice chancellor told that he is receptive to hold the demands to have a paradigm shift. He requested helping hand of student organizations such as SIO. Malappuram district campus secretary …

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Triumph for SIO in College union elections: Calicut


Kozhikode: SIO won remarkable triumph in Calicut University college union elections. SIO has grabbed 3 Unions, 30 general seats and numerous associations from colleges. SIO has become the major opposition party in almost all colleges where SIO engaged in elections. SIO has come up with glorious victories in several colleges including Kozhikode Farook College, Mukkom IHRD College, Koduvally MAMO College, MES Mampad College, MES Ponnani College, Edayoor Safa College, PSMO College,Trissur  Asmaibi College and Palakkad Christ College. SIO Kerala state committee President Shihab Pukkkottur said that, SIO’s win-win situation clearly shows the support of students across Kerala towards creativity and …

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SIO Marching Ahead : lathicharge cant stop the Revolution


Thenjippalam(13.07.11) : SIO march,demanding the cancellation of university election as the complaints against the authenticity of voters list not being rectified,here resulted in police lathi charge.The clash proceeded as a part of blocking of the march to university senate hall demanding a talk with the returning officer about the anti democratic election without rectifying the authenticity of voter’s list.police arrested the members who were not ready to  disperse without the talk. More than 20 members including C.Yasir,Safeer shah, Thwaqiyudheen, hashir, Ubaidurrahman panaayikkulam were injured. About 90 members including state president Mr.Shihab pookkottur were arrested.The protesters in caution custody were released …

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