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Yomul Furqan Organized By SIO Sholapur

The first battle between Islam and unbelievers of Islam took place nearly 1400 years ago in the holy month of Ramadan on 17th day at the ground of Badar,hence the battle is known as battle of badar.

On the eve of 17th Ramadan, SIO Sholapur organized a student gathering at Al-Hasanat hall, Sholapur to spread the true concept of wars in Islam in general and specially to create the awareness among student community regarding battle of badar.

  Mr. Mohammad Shafiq Qazi Sb. & Mr. Abdul Rasheed Sb.(Ameer-e-Muqami JIH Sholapur)were invited as the chief guests of programme. Mr. Shafiq Qazi said that “the main purpose of wars in Islam is to bring the Peace and Prosperity in the world and to put a full stop to the exploitation of human beings. That is why the number of peoples who lost their life in the entire Islamic war history are much much lesser than the number of peoples killed in battles fought for worldly gain.” The whole struggle of Beloved Prophet Mohammad (SAW) and his companions during and before Battle of badar was discussed in detail by the respected speakers.  


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