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www.rafeeqemanzil.com Launched

The All new Website for all Organs of SIO successfully Inaugurated today by the Hands of Janab Abdul Jaleel Sb. (Ex Editor of Rafeeqemanzil) while National President was also present on the occasion.

The new Website www.rafeeqemanzil.com is primarily developed to facilitate Online Subscription of All organs of SIO, The Companion, Rafeeqemanzil Urdu and Hindi.

“I have seen times people standing in queues for money order, then that money order reaching us in months together, finally the person will get the magazine after 3 months, but now scenario has changed. With the Launch of this website within clicks people can get their favorite magazine at home.” said Abdul Jaleel Sb.

“This is a very innovative, vibrant, welcome move, this will take the IT initiative of SIO to a new horizon” National Prez was speaking at the occasion.

“This is the most complicated website we have ever done for SIO, since it involves financial Transaction via a third party payment gateway and NEFT/RTGS facility provided by the subscribers bank” said Webmaster and his team.

“Now taking subscription and maintaining tracks of expiry, issues in managerial aspect will be solved with the launch of this site” Manager Br. Siddique Khan opined.

In a nut shell this website will take SIO to a new horizon of IT and once again this is proved not only in field but in soft SIO is at par.

“Kudos to web development team and specially Br. Nisar who burnt the midnight oil for getting this dream true” said Br. Sibghatullah Husaini. Editor Rafiquemanzil Urdu.

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