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Volunteers ‘leave’ students in the lurch: TOI

HYDERABAD: Lakhs of children in the state are being denied their right to education as schools are closing down due to lack of teachers, said members of the Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO).

The students’ organisation said that 42,000 Vidya volunteers who were part of the teaching staff at state-run schools have been shunted out, resulting in the closing of hundreds of schools in the state.

The SIO said that these volunteers were removed following a government order which directed the filling up of vacancies of teacher posts and the consequent termination of services of Vidya volunteers.

However, around 20,000 teacher posts in primary and secondary government schools in the state continue to lie vacant.

Schools which were running entirely on the volunteer staff have also had to shut down. As a result, students who were relying on these schools for their one meal of the day have also been denied their right to food.

Sources said that the services of the Vidya volunteers were terminated before the previous academic year had ended. However following protests, their termination dates were extended and they were allowed to complete the academic year before discontinuing their services.

“This half baked implementation of government’s directive is wrecking students’ lives. The decision to remove the volunteers was made so as to fill the vacant teacher posts but that also has not happened,” said Abrar Ali, member of SIO.

Vidya volunteers were positioned at primary and secondary schools as part of the Rajiv Vidya Mission.

The abrupt termination of the services of the volunteers has also left them unemployed with no job alternative to fall back on.

The SIO has thus demanded that the volunteers be reinstated at the earliest and in case of continuation of the termination, they be provided alternate employment options.

Citing a deficiency of 12 lakh school teachers in the state, the organisation will now approach education authorities of various districts in the state to address the issue.

Source: http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-08-27/hyderabad/41496402_1_rajiv-vidya-mission-volunteers-the-sio




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