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Unique Summer Camp | SIO Rajasthan

Rajasthan(May-2011): Say to them: “Travel through the earth and see how Allah originates the creation, then creates the later creation. Surely Allah has power over everything.

All of us may have seen Summer camps organized at one beautiful place and various activities being done there. How about a camp which is mobile? Visiting lots of places, at every place a unique program being conducted. SIO Rajasthan did a unique Experiment of this kind. They chalked out a tour of various places and arranged speakers for places to enlighten the participants.

Tour started from Jaipur(2days-Sikar(1day)-Jodhpur(2days)-Beawer(1day)-Ajmer(1day)- Kota(1day)-Baran- Mangrol(1day)-Chan(1day)-Surwal(1day)-finally ended at Bajariya(1day).Total 12 days, a Bus was hired for the complete tour.

Participants being applicant members & selected active associates from across the State, totaling to 40.

Participants were divided in groups of 10 each. On each group one Murabbi (Zonal office bearers and ZAC’s) was appointed to ensure over all development and mentoring of participants.

Various Programs were covered under following heads.
1. Tarbiyah
2. Historical places visit
3. Sports
4. Interaction with Tehreeki personalities and activists

In a nutshell it was a great, never-seen and unique experience. Participants shared their views on overall program and their experience while being a part of this great tour. All pledged to work for this great cause, called ISLAM with great organization called SIO.

Report: Rajasthan correspondence

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