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‘Today’s Muslim Students & Youth’ – A TV program by SIO Chennai

Chennai:Dec.22 SIO Chennai conducted a program ‘Today’s Muslim Students & Youth’ which is to be telecast every Thursday 10 pm on ‘Tamilan TV’.
A revolutionary program in the state, where the muslim students and youth lack vision and divided among so many “Muslim” organisations.This has created confusion and fear about future among them.SIO has tend to address these problems through ‘media’.


It was a discussion program having 4-rounds between Dr. K.V.S Habeeb Mohammed,a prominent TV-Show Islamist & Vice President, IFT Chennai with the youth and students from different streams.
The 4-rounds were:

1. The positives of Muslim students & Youth

2. The Negatives of Muslim Students & Youth

3. What should be the vision of the students & youth ?

4. What they expect from Muslim community leaders and the government ?
Dr.K.V.S enlisted the points and gave his concluding speech! 


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