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Terrorism Free India: Road Ahead

We cannot expect justice from Court: Ajit Sahi

New Delhi: We cannot expect justice from court; we have to do political campaign and awareness among people on the reality of terrorism to get the justice,” said Senior Journalist and Political Analyst Ajit Sahi.

Delivering the keynote address at a public talk on ‘Terrorism Free India: Road Ahead’ organized by  Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO)  at Abul Fazal Enclave, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi on Thursday, he said that the  Intelligence agencies and police falsely  implicate innocent citizens in false cases of terrorism and thrown them in jail. And in thousands of cases, these innocents are Muslims. Muslims are mostly implicated in false cases due to the Islamophobia and Anti Muslim Agenda of communal forces.

The veteran journalist said that most of the major political parties who calls themselves secular were the one who have done injustice to Muslim youth in their respective states where they were ruling.

Muslims must come out of this notion that only BJP is against Muslims, the fact is that Congress & other parties have done nothing good for Muslims in states where they ruled.

Recounting several examples detailing how the Intelligence agencies and Police worked together to implicate innocent Muslims in false terror cases, Mr Sahi urged the audience not to be afraid of false accusations and arrest and should come up in public with huge numbers to fight against injustice.

He said that the media, too, highlighted misconstrued involvement of innocent Muslim youth or their non – existent links with militant organizations in several terror cases or, without verifying their background.

After the long time imprisonment, the Honorable Supreme Court acquits number of Muslims who were implicated in false terror cases, he said. He also condemned the judges of lower courts for convicting Muslim youth based on false evidence and concocted stories by the Intelligence agencies and police.

The solution for this critical situation does not lie with the Judiciary, lies in political campaigns and awareness among people about the reality of terrorism, he said.

In his inaugural address, General Secretary of SIO Alif Shukoor said that the Government introduce a number of laws by saying to stop terror activities, but they are using these laws to sideline the vibrant students and youth community in the country.

He said that the student and youth should be aware of these atrocities of the state and try to make this country terror free.

National Convenor of Association for Protection of Civil RightS (APCR) Mr. Aboobakar Sabbak Subhani highlighted the involvement of Investigative officers and Police to fabricate terror cases to get benefits such as the President’s Award and Promotion etc.

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