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Study@start | 1700 students attendees | Bhiwandi(SIO Ms South)

A Historical Program in Bhiwandi for Students


A very unique program was organized for the students of the new academic year 2011-12 STD X.“HOW TO STUDY FROM BEGINNING OF THE YEAR” Organized by: SIO(BHIWANDI UNIT). More than 1700 students participated in the event, making it a history.

SIO of India is working for Reconstruction of society from past 29 years and has been conducting various such programs across the length and breadth of the country to uplift the students morally, ethically and to make them contributors towards society.

Program started with Tilawat-e-quran by student of Rafiuddin high school followed by the Inaugural words in which the audience was informed about the purpose for organizing this event, “Hard work and Proper study from the very start of the academic year with proper time management was the sole purpose behind organizing this program”.

Lecturer Kazim malik (Mumbai) shared his views on “Time Management”. He said that “Our students should always keep in mind before sitting for studies that “What I want to be ?” and for this purpose “How many efforts I need to put?” Further he said that students should divide their precious time according to their daily routine (For example: Break-fast, Lunch, Namaz, Sleep etc). “students must show consistency in their studies with whole concentration on study” he added.

He also showed Video-Clips. Gave basic tips for remembering Algebra formula, English vocabulary, Math’s & Marathi etc. Further he said, our students should divide time for different subjects and then start studying accordingly. Please keep in mind that “Well begin is half done” He stressed.

Mr Ansari taught various study techniques and showed smart study clips to students. He instructed the students not to waste their time in mobile, T.V etc.

A guidance kit was also distributed to the students in which various structure of Time Distribution was given, as well as video-clips of various popular handicapped personalities having outstanding  achievements were shown to students .

Muhammad Ali SIO Bhiwandi President introduced SIO to the students and parents. He said SIO is playing a major role in preparing a group of students who excel in their education as well as their commitment to the ideals of Islam.

At last Rashid Tahir (MLA) spoke for few minutes and appreciated the program. The students were highly attentive and their confidence was substantially boosted by the program.

In a nutshell it was a great program, first of its kind, Unique and Motivating.

Report: Bhiwandi correspondence.

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