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Study of Socio-Economic-Political Conditions of North India | National Camp at Lukhnow

Students Islamic Organisation of India organized two days camp of Selected North Indian states in Lucknow to study the socio-economic-political conditions and the role of students in the scenario. Zonal Advisory Council members and office bearers of Bihar, Jharkhand, UP Central, UP East and UP West zones participated in the camp.

Mohd. Azharuddin, National President of SIO, while addressing the gathering dealt with the historical contributions of students and youth in social progress of the country. But much to the dismay, the scenario has changed sides and the country faces dearth of creative minds to contribute from the north Indian soil, he added. He said, emphasis should be laid on the organizational front in the campuses and stressed upon expanding the area of influence rapidly.

Papers on topics varying from education, student organizations, social and economic and political conditions, organizational culture and methodology were presented and discussed at length. Expansion and consolidation of work in North Indian zones remained the core theme during the discussions. Dr. Hasan Raza, CAC Member, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind; PM Salih, Secretary General, SIO; Sharique Ansar, National Secretary, SIO; Musab Iqbal, CAC Member, SIO; Javed Zafar, National Convenor, Research Scholars’ Forum of India and Amir Iqbal, Former CAC Member, SIO amongst others provided the resource assistance.

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