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Students’ Voice For A Just World: New Delh

ident Br. Aness ur Rehman introduced the ongoing anti-imperialism campaign of SIO entitled as Students’ Voice For A Just World. Editor Afkaar e Milli Jb. Qasim Rasool Ilyas sb. speaking on the global political imperialism and its impact on our country highlighted the role of Zionist and other lobbies are playing on a global scale, their shrewd conspiracies to exploit the third world countries, their traps in which they ensnare the countries and lamented on the fact that India too is being tangled in this quagmire of imperialism. He urged SIO to strike a fatalistic blow on the educational part of imperialism that includes privatization of education and commercialization of education. Jb. Rafat sb. Professor Jamia Millia Islamia said that Muslims have played greatest role in every freedom struggle against colonialism. He urged that we should also play the same role against the neo-colonialism today. He revealed that behind innocuous and glowing slogans like liberalization, privatization, globalization, democracy and human rights there are various hidden meanings, and unwritten codes. We must be warned of those. And we must present Islam as an alternative. Br. Suhail kk the national president SIO of India said that neo-imperialism is not only a concept ‘out there’ it is well inside our thinking, mindset and lives. Instead of colonizing territories; imperial powers today are determined to conquer the minds. Instead of enchaining the bodies; they are determined to enchain our thinking. He lamented that unfortunately they are fairly successful in their sinister designs. The designs of our T shirts, tails of jeans, fashion ad lifestyle etc are the replica of this type of cultural slavery. All the speakers urged the audience to stand up and strengthen the voice of SIO against the neo imperialistic forces.


In Mumbai from 8-10 January a magnificent career fest was organized. At the vast campus of Sabu Siddiq the fest was organized in a professional manner with nearly 6000 students benefiting from it. In this fest a SIO activist was quietly roaming around among the visiting students symbolizing a youngster affected by the neo-imperialistic forces – with neo-imperialism’s grave consequences attached to his body in shape of chits. Another activist with him was propagating the message of SIO’s national campaign Students’ Voice For A Just World.


SIO Maharashtra north zone has organized a seminar in Maharashtra university of Jalgaon on philosophy of education. In this seminar national president of SIO Br. Suhail kk pointed out in his presidential speech that today’s educational system is based on the same foundations upon which it was based in pre-independent – enslaved India. Vice-chancellor of the university KB Patil in his thoughtful speech said that though globalization has made the world a village, the distance between human and human has only increased with it! He urged students to remain in connection with SIO and seek its guidance in educational matters.

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